Being aware of the environmental impact on the planet by the textile industry only vegetable tanned leather, solid brass hardware, Organic and vintage fabrics are used. Constantly seeking for ways to become more sustainable; materials are selected that will better with age and will become part of someone's life for as long as possible before eventually biodegrading.

Many of the leather products are made without machinery and completely by hand using traditional tools and techniques. All the leather is sourced from a tannery in Italy that is part of the Tuscan Consortium Pelle al Vegetale where the material is dyed using natural tannins and without the use of any chemicals. None of the animals are killed for their skin and all the leather used is a by-product of the meat industry. Being part of this consortium guarantees that the materials produced are compatible with the eco-system and not harmful to people in any way during the tanning process.

The hardware comes from a family run company in the U.K. which is one of the last places in England that makes pieces in a traditional, hands on way.

Only vintage or Organic fabrics are used to make all the non-leather products. The Organic fabric is supplied by small companies who work directly with farmers to ensure their material is guaranteed fair-trade and GOTS certified.